Have you ever felt like you were in-over-your-head at work or at home? 

Today’s world puts a lot of pressure in all areas of our lives, as leaders and as parents. Technology has added a layer of concern that we only start to notice now as being overwhelming. Leaders and parents need an external eye to help them sort out what sometimes feels like chaos; they need to Wake Up. The fast-paced world we live in doesn’t always leave room for perspective and self-reflection. Yet, it commands leaders and parents to evolve in it like athletes, forcing them to Grow Up fast to close the gap with the world’s complexity. This is why they need a coach. 

The solutions Sara creates aim to integrate how you view yourself and your world, and how you experience it, feel it. When mind and matter work as one, you can create a new form of Being. As a Development coach, she helps accelerate the subject-object process where you start by being subject of your thoughts and beliefs, unaware that they move you. By pointing your attention onto it, it becomes an object that you can model to fit the person you want to be. 

When you put your attention on your intentions they expand and become reality. Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” I want you to find your solutions by helping you raise your level of consciousness.

Speaking & Workshop

  • Become a conscious leader in a fast-paced world: do less, be more
  • Leadership lessons from the best selfless leader: a mother
  • Tailor made content in management, collaboration, or communication

Development Coaching

  • I reveal the system to itself
  • I work with the emotional and energy field as it emerges
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs 
  • Create supporting habits to experience yourself as a new being


  • Teach parents about children’s development stages
  • Help parents manage emotions and frustrations
  • Embrace authority to avoid raising your voice
  • The 3-6-9-12 rule to manage screen at home
  • Coaching, workshops, online courses