Agile leaders dare to Wake Up to see the impact of their habits on the team, so that they can Grow Up to empower people.

Catalyse your team


Open you eyes &

Wake Up

Pause to observe what is happening in your mind (beliefs & mindset), heart (emotions) and body (behaviour).

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Open your heart &

Grow Up

Use emotional agility, dare to speak up, disagree with respect, create a safe space to speak up, lead honest conversations.

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Be a human &

Agile Leader

Dare to fail, show vulnerability, embrace complexity, be human in a digital world

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About Sara Bigwood

My purpose is to help leaders open their eyes and Wake Up to notice their habits and the impact they have on their life, their work, the team, or the organization. Then, I coach them to look at the world from a different angle by being more conscious and intentional to Grow Up so they can close the gap with the complexity of the world.
I use a systemic approach by revealing the system to itself and working with what emerges. It is the waking up part. To help people grow up, I use  Adult Development Theory, borrowing from Robert Kegan, Bill Joiner, and Jenifer Garvey Berger to raise the level of consciousness and climb the ladder of vertical development.
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15Years Experience
1755Hours of coaching
5Writen Books
254Agile Leaders coached

Why using development coaching?

To become more agile

Being Happy

Figure out your values and align your life to them.

Being your best self

Overcome limiting beliefs and unfold your true potential.

Being energized

Catalyze the power of your team while focusing on what is important to you.

Being present

Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

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I want to know who you are to create solutions to help you