The Gifts, and Limits, of Reactive Leadership

Pendulum Safety PurposeI thought that thanks to the financial crisis, the world would grow up. It would transition from an individualistic, independent maturity stage to a more interdependent one. The crisis was a good sign that we were all interconnected, that the consequences of our acts didn’t only impact our lives but those of others. In fact, it was even worst, as it impact mostly others and not the one at the source. Oh boy, was I naive, or enthusiastic. […]

What Your Worst Fear Reveals About You?

FearDon’t you wish sometimes to hide what you think is your worst flaw? Then, to your surprise, and especially because you strongly believe you are really good at it, someone busts you and you blush. It is not pleasant or really efficient. What I’ve learned as a mom, coach and colleague, is that I usually trip on my worst fear and I often create exactly what I dreaded. The more I fear it, the more it blocks my way. It is like you are anxious to remember the name of a new acquaintance and the more you think about it, the more certain you end up blurting something entirely wrong. […]