International Columbia Coaching Conference

Come and join Sara Bigwood at the International Columbia Coaching Conference this fall. She has the pleasure to co-lead three experiential learning sessions with three distinguish leaders: Working with Teams to Create a High Performing Culture using Stages of Individual and Team Development This experiential session will explore teams as the future’s most important unit in[…]

Leadership Development Is a Matter of Maturity Over Skills

Maturity Leadership DevelopmentYes, we can learn about anything. Practice, discipline and reflection can help us learn new skills and master old ones. But you can only be as efficient as your paradigm lets you. It’s like driving a car: you can learn about mechanics, practice via videos but unless you can reach the pedals and see over the wheel, you won’t be good at it. It’s the difference between 9 year-old and 45 year-old: the former can dream about becoming the best driver, only the latter can actually be it. […]

Being “Shiftable” Is the New Competitive Advantage


As Hendre Coetzee puts it, during the WBECS intro session shiftability™ is the “power or capability of a person to exercise personal transformation in any context” Usually, businesses are driven by a survivor’s mode when they only focus on how to increase revenue, reduce costs and lower risks. They act like a hiker trapped in quicksand: they don’t move to avoid drowning. They don’t know, either, what can be done to get them out of there. Actually, they get it backward: they fear the unknown so they stay in an unproductive, even dangerous known. It all started because they wanted to fix something.  […]

Confidence Is the Ember of Change

Confidence Is the Ember of ChangeDon’t you feel sometimes that change is like a dark tunnel or a murky place? It is like diving in black waters without knowing what lies under the surface: it is scary and worrying. You start to second guess yourself; to doubt the outcome and you hold on to whatever known you have in front of you, even if it is harmful. Change is never associated with confidence at first; it is quite the opposite: people feel doubts and concerns when invited to change.

What I’ve learned through experience as a coach, and as a human being, is that when you get out of your head, that big producer of worries, to connect to your core and your essence, you reduce the tendency of doubting change. In fact, what I’ve experienced recently was a strong connection to my confidence that helped me start a new project and lead it despite the many unknowns it carried. […]

Ease Change and Follow the Flow

Ease Change Follow Flow - Sara Bigwood Coach NYCDid you ever try to drive while pushing on gas and breaks at the same time? What happened for you? It is like willing to ski but stalling at every turn: you drain your energy, you miss the fun and you get nowhere. Change is like ski slopes or traffic: there is an energy, a flow, like a current in a river that brings you from up to down, old to new, here to there. When you can tap into that current, you literally flow and go places while controlling your energy and usually having a lot of fun in the process. […]

Bigger Game Experience

Do you want a rich and meaningful life? Are you hungry for something to be different? Do you feel you can create something bigger but don’t know how? You feel stuck but you don’t know how to proceed? Do you want to grow  but you don’t know where to start? Do you want to create a positive impact?[…]