Persistence Is the Key to Development

There is nothing more precious than persistence, it is the main ingredient that separates a dream from an achievement. Let’s say you desire to be a better leader, that you need to listen more to your employees. If you do not persist in the quest of doing so, what are you worth? Nothing more than when you started: someone who’s not proficient at listening to its employees.

When an assessment, a profile, or even a feedback on the job points out an area of development, it is easy to acknowledge it and then resume business as usual. It takes courage to go beyond the wonder of the discovery and to actually do the work of change. […]

How to Grow From Reactive to Creative Leadership

You don’t stop growing at 25! Leaders, like children, also face a cognitive and behavioral evolution that ranges from reactive to creative methods of leadership. Without experience, it’s normal that a young leader would be more reactive, but in time, experiences build your evolution and pave the road towards effective leadership. But stages of development are not linked only to[…]