Persistence Is the Key to Development

There is nothing more precious than persistence, it is the main ingredient that separates a dream from an achievement. Let’s say you desire to be a better leader, that you need to listen more to your employees. If you do not persist in the quest of doing so, what are you worth? Nothing more than when you started: someone who’s not proficient at listening to its employees.

When an assessment, a profile, or even a feedback on the job points out an area of development, it is easy to acknowledge it and then resume business as usual. It takes courage to go beyond the wonder of the discovery and to actually do the work of change. […]

Complaining Is The First Step To Change

Change attitude Maya AngelouWhen I start to complain it is usually a sign that something has changed despite my will. It can be that my keys are not where they are supposed to be or that I’ve been put in another cohort for a big project. The same goes for my children: when they complain, it means that they don’t get what they want (which is usually what they know), or that they are reluctant to do something that they don’t know. You get the picture: the easy way to know that something has changed is to listen to you (or others) complaining.


Change Is Pain

Resitance to changeChange is pain. Whether you have to change your chocolate bar brand or your are  starting a new job, creating a business, changing the culture 180 degrees or marrying, change is pain. Even though change is fundamentally human it is non-the less a cause of pain.  To me, change is the corollary of creativity, and both are key human traits. Human beings are born to create and, as such, to produce change. You can’t create something and expect that nothing change.