The Power of Appreciation

Come to a FREE webinar series on communication in the workplace. The next webinar is on the power of appreciation. Do any of these situations look familiar? Team members are willing to go above and beyond, but they consistently report on engagement surveys that they don’t feel appreciated or valued People agree on actions and[…]

When Appreciation Is not Appreciated Enough

Seeing a family member praising another one is a natural image. It doesn’t raise eyebrows. When a team member does the same, it is a rare picture. The workplace is not set for appreciation, yet human beings need it. The result is a high turnover that can be easily reduced. Much too often in my coaching practice do I hear clients complaining about the lack of appreciation. They feel that their work is not valued and work becomes a transaction, not a passion. Praises have the unique power of turning a task into excitement. Without it you just move or think, you don’t create value.