November 5, 2015


Integral development aims to work inside-out by integrating all the facets of a person so that the leader or the manager can understand when s/he is using the small version of oneself and decide when to use the bigger version.

Integral development also works outside-in by aligning the requirements of the environment to the leader’s form of mind. By looking at the system and the different perspective, the leader can adapt its posture and skills.

Integral development helps grow vertically (from one stage to another and across different lines like emotions, cognitive, values, maturity, impact, authority, influence) or horizontally by acquiring new skills.

Sara Bigwood provides 4 types of services that combines real world experience, a personal insight and participative applications :

Services Sara Bigwood

    1. Leadership Development: an organization can only be as performant as the level of development of its leaders. Today’s leaders need to embrace change and complexity, be innovative and performant every day. They need to integrate more information, people, ideas and paradox than ever before. It is critical to be aware of their own pattern before influencing and inspiring others. I create workshops to help leaders be aware of their leadership roles and find new ways to influence. I also coach them using a developmental approach that leads them be aware of their own patterns, edges, and sense of purpose.

2. Team Coaching: Organizations with engaged teams are 170% more productive. Yet, what hinders most performance are disagreements and misunderstandings between team members. Using Relationship System Intelligence, I help teams be aware of their patterns, and understand everyone’s role. I use an experiential approach that integrates each individual’s uniqueness to the group. They will learn to relate and communicate differently to each other.

3. Energy management: In our complex and fast paced world, it is not time that needs to be managed, but energy. When you can be sure to show up with the same amount of energy every day, then you can guarantee focus, creative thinking and well-being. Through workshops or coaching, I will help you be aware of your energy status and I will help you avoid leaking energy while making sure to gain more, whatever happens during the day or the night.

4. Developmental Coaching: You want a customized coaching to help you develop through Adult Development Stages. You feel you need to broaden your view, to integrate paradoxes, to expand your perspective then you can choose this option. I will start with an assessment of your current form of mind, then we will reflect on its adequacy with your current position. We can then design a specific developmental plan.

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