Parents are exhausted (36% of parents admit suffering from burnout), and children suffer from screen addiction or virtual autism due to binge-watching screens too early, too often. This situation reveals how natural dynamics are disturbed.

It is time parents wake up to the crude reality of our connected world: technology harms us if we don’t pay attention to its power by putting limits. Marketing and social media drive us to focus on ego and possession as a way to live instead of being.

Parents need to grow up.  They need to overcome fears and control to be able to lead with compassion – LEAD; to detach from screens and attach to their children – ATTACH; to move away from the social image to wonder at what is – WONDER.

Sara Bigwood wants parents to do less and be more; to run less and connect more; to expect less and accept more. By removing the bad habits, parents can pave the way to a natural, flowing process where children grow to become balanced and thriving adults.

“How you relate to your kids determines their future wellbeing and capacities”

By reading the book, you discover a new way to manage emotions and frustration. You will be able to respond to your children’s needs and secure attachment, no matter the context. You will reset your intention, habits, and rules so that parenting will flow easily. You will notice the fine line between control and authority so that you will lead your children, and they will follow happily, removing resistance and fights from your daily life.

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