April 2, 2016

Thank You

The Expat Method - Thank YouThis page is honoring all the backers that helped create a successful Kickstarter Campaign. I’m grateful for their valuable support but also their enthusiasm to read the book; isn’t any author’s dream?!

For those who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a crowdfunding platform that rewards each investor. The list of names on this Thank You Page is part of four rewards, along with a newsletter and for many the book. A few VIP’s will have their names listed in the book.

I want to personally thank:

  • Marie-Laurence de Chaunac

  • Brigitte Rens
  • David Bernard
  • Renaud Warson
  • Geri Jacobs
  • Christian Loos
  • Patrick van Rosendaal
  • Lucy Van Hove
  • Caroline Vanderstraeten
  • Anne Comer
  • Raphaël de Borman
  • Myriam Goffinet
  • Tania Le Cunff
  • Chonin Kuo
  • Cherine Kaynak
  • Nicki Weiss
  • Janet Handal
  • Krista Van den Abeele
  • Adrien Orville
  • Diane Brochu King
  • Raphaël de Robiano
  • Donald Gilbert
  • Marie-Laurence de Chaunac
  • Stéphanie van de Perre
  • Séverine de Borchgrave
  • Christian Mazy Dresse
  • Avi Schneebalg
  • Pierre Mine
  • Philippe R. Declercq
  • Ann Steppe
  • Arpine Avdalyan
  • Merete Bach-Larsen
  • Elsa Salcin
  • Jennessa Durrani
  • Françoise Hennebert
  • Frédéric Deleuze
  • Anne Deman
  • Christian Cherpion
  • Rhoda