December 30, 2015


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The Expat Method,  Mastering Personal and Organizational Change

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Learn from an expert how to master personal and organizational change. Discover the 5 dimensions method to lead change with charisma and success.

What Is the Expat Method?

Sara Bigwood designed the method based on her experience as an expat in New York and her expertise as a leadership coach. During her expatriation she used a simple method that helped her keep the head high whatever the hurdle. She coached her husband and two young children to adapt to their new settings and be efficient. She was the rock of her family.

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The method: 5 dimensions to reduce resistance to change

A method is  a particular procedure for accomplishing something. This method invites you through 5 essential dimensions that are essential when facing change. When you focus on each of them, you can be sure to keep your feet on the ground but also inspire and infuse motivation.

  1. Emotions: change always implies emotions, and the more space you give to them, the more they help with transition. Holding back emotions can lead to stress, burnout and illness. It can also be a strong distractor when individuals or employees are busier dealing with fear or anger than focusing on change.
  1. Xpression: sharing information, expressing clear objectives, asking the right questions, and involving employees at all levels are essential to leading change efficiently. It is not only the content that is important, but also the form, and using positive words will facilitate buy-in.
  1. Place: clarifying roles and redefining objectives creates an unequivocal structure that will sustain change. Change is inevitably linked to a shift of place. The more you provide information about where people stand, the more you neutralize the rise of informal roles.
  1. Adaptation: change is intrinsically linked to adaptation. You need to know the core values you lean on, so that you can be open to the flexibility required during transition. Adaptation invites you to observe more and listen to your intuition.
  1. Thinking: understanding the power of beliefs and using them to build a strong mindset is essential throughout change.

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Expat Method Workshop

The book can open up your curiosity but the only way to really learn and apply the method is by attending a workshop.

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