When Appreciation Is not Appreciated Enough

Seeing a family member praising another one is a natural image. It doesn’t raise eyebrows. When a team member does the same, it is a rare picture. The workplace is not set for appreciation, yet human beings need it. The result is a high turnover that can be easily reduced. Much too often in my coaching practice do I hear clients complaining about the lack of appreciation. They feel that their work is not valued and work becomes a transaction, not a passion. Praises have the unique power of turning a task into excitement. Without it you just move or think, you don’t create value.


How Can Your Stage of Development Affect Your Team’s Culture?

Who said that at 25 year-old your stop growing? The resulting effect is that people think they are a finished product at 25 and that nothing can change anymore.
What I truly believe, and that Robert Keegan put into words, is that like children, adults evolve through development stages. They get out of adolescence through the stage┬ácalled Self-Sovereign, “I’m my needs and my needs are all I think of”. It is a self-centered stage.
Then you move to the Reactive or Socialized stage where you become what people want you to be. You are what you feel is important in order to be accepted by the group. It is fantastic way to start life and become integrated in the group. It is typical of the young adults.
The next step is to learn that you can assert some differences and still be accepted; you move to the next stage called Creative or Self-Authoring. You become what you want to create. Your achievement is driving you. Until you sense that something bigger that your own view of what is important exist and you want to explore that; you enter the self-Transforming stage where you let th […]

What Your Worst Fear Reveals About You?

FearDon’t you wish sometimes to hide what you think is your worst flaw? Then, to your surprise, and especially because you strongly believe you are really good at it, someone busts you and you blush. It is not pleasant or really efficient. What I’ve learned as a mom, coach and colleague, is that I usually trip on my worst fear and I often create exactly what I dreaded. The more I fear it, the more it blocks my way. It is like you are anxious to remember the name of a new acquaintance and the more you think about it, the more certain you end up blurting something entirely wrong. […]

How to Deal with Anxiety while in Transition?

anxietyA transition is a moment in life where you sit in between two comfortable situations: an old and a new one. That in-between is very uncomfortable for so many reasons like changing a habit, facing the unknown, learning a new skill or language, integrating a new company or a new group, moving, expatriating… To simplify, transition is that moment when your stomach flips, your mouth is dry, your body feels awkward or powerless and your brain decides to ignore your summons. As you reckon, there is more than one transition in life!


3 keys to build tomorrow’s team

It is so common to hear about conflicts in a team, or to hear leaders so tired of pulling and pushing their teams to produce anything. It is as if today’s teams were suffering from a motivation disease. It spreads in all kind of organizations and it starts often with a variety of symptoms: a[…]