Leadership development is more crucial today than ever. When the workplace was mostly composed of manufacturing plants, the leader had only to shout orders at workers who had to follow them. It was quite simple. Workers could operate through a level of development that is quite close to what we expect of an adolescent: abide by the common rules and do your job.

Yesterday Truth Doesn’t Fit Today’s world

Since then, our world became more complex, more informed, more volatile and more global. One rule doesn’t fit the reality of workers anymore, not even in the same organization. Nuances and differences are the new currency that forces leaders to deal with complexity at many levels. One project will be so different from another that what you expect from one functional team differs radically from another functional team. Furthermore, a structural leader has to review the performance of a team member who works on a project he knows nothing about. […]

Persistence Is the Key to Development

There is nothing more precious than persistence, it is the main ingredient that separates a dream from an achievement. Let’s say you desire to be a better leader, that you need to listen more to your employees. If you do not persist in the quest of doing so, what are you worth? Nothing more than when you started: someone who’s not proficient at listening to its employees.

When an assessment, a profile, or even a feedback on the job points out an area of development, it is easy to acknowledge it and then resume business as usual. It takes courage to go beyond the wonder of the discovery and to actually do the work of change. […]