November 21, 2015


Book Expat MethodDiscover the simple yet efficient method to help your organization lead change with charisma and success. Sara Bigwood designed the method based on her experience as an expat in New York and her expertise as a leadership coach. During the expatriation, she used a simple method that helped her keep the head high whatever the hurdle, but coach her husband and two young children to adapt to their new settings and be efficient. She was the rock of her family. Buy The Expat Method on Amazon.


Baby coaching livreSara Bigwood is the author of two books about education. As a young parent, she wanted to help other young parents navigate the chaos that a new child brings along so that they could create a trusting relationship. She didn’t want to listen to the horrible rumors around a newborn, she wanted to connect to the joy and the honor of being a parent.The book is in French only and you can order it on Amazon by clicking here


Livre être parentThe second book aims to help parents of children aged 6 months to 3 years to learn to adapt quickly to the rocky evolutions typical of that period. You can read it as a lexical or a reference book that explains stage by stage what your child is learning and what kind of support is appropriate from you as a parent. You can order it on Amazon.