The Leadership of Tomorrow Is All About Talent

Steve Wonder’s speech at the International Student Peace Day at the UN made me cry. What he said moved me deeply. It touched a core belief and gave me a strong desire to refute status quo. He shared what he said to his mom when he was 8 years old: “I was not given the gift of seeing visually, but I might be here for another reason, I was blessed with the gift of song writing and singing”. He was sick of making his mom cry because of his blindness and he understood that the true gift is not sight, it is the vision of what you can bring to the world. He was connected to his true talent and he shared it with success to our delight.

Dare to Be You

We all have a unique talent but all too often we don’t hear, feel or see it because we are too busy looking at the world for answers. What Mr Wonder shared simply yet brilliantly, is dive deeper, don’t stop for the consensus, the common, the expected. Go deeper and find your unique yet beautiful power. Don’t please your parents or follow the stream, connect to your uniqueness and dare. Have the courage to see the world through another angle, be happy and blessed by it.

The Leaders of Tomorrow, meaning the children today, carry the world on their shoulders. They have the wisdom and the desire to do so. Only the parents and the adults hold them back and judge their ability to lead. I’m sad when I notice how scared the old are and how they cling to outdated paradigms. They hold the new leaders back while teaching them to see the world as it used to be. It is blurring the vision the children have, their unique sight of a new world that we might not see yet.

The Leader of Tomorrow Has a Unique Talent

As a mother of two young children (4.5 and 7) I often stumble upon the chasm of confusion and doubt. I ask my kids to behave while I expect them to create and innovate. I’m stuck between two distinguished powers that fight each other out: the power of acculturation and the power of creation. The power of obeying and the power of asserting. I don’t know what to do and I feel powerless. I believe the world feels the same right now, stuck between old ways that doesn’t work anymore, and a new world that is not clear yet. This transition opens the door to a strong reaction felt everywhere in the world which is reverting to orthodoxy as a way to rebel against a system that doesn’t work anymore. A system that shows its limits and has reached a level of inequality and disrespect that people prefer to step back than to jump forward.

The leaders of tomorrow need to feel confident to make that jump and to embrace a new future based on new paradigms that we don’t comprehend yet. We are scared, they are not. Let them be who they are and teach them how to be respectful, collaborative, innovative, creative, cooperative, successful, passionate and compassionate, happy.

As a mom, I’ll do my best to get out of their way on their path to greatness. I’ll nourish their self-confidence and ability to create. Don’t they surprise us every day? Let’s that dynamic be the mainstream; let’s unleash the true potentiel of all leaders of tomorrow!

Sara Bigwood
Leadership & Change Coach
Proud mom of two leaders of tomorrow
Author of The Expat Method, Mastering Personal and Organizational Change